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My story, as I like to call it, of miscalculated ovulation.

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But am I going to measure significantly smaller in gestation?

If I go by ovulation date then I'm only about 5 weeks along. It's my first pregnancy and I'm worried they are going to say something about the ultrasound not looking reassuring or something. 18th but since I've been off birth control, my cycles are longer and irregular.

Well it popped up positive and I took two more that night and two more Monday morning, all positive. :) fx sticky baby I also ovulate late and had a very similar experience, sadly didn't end well.

I had bloodwork done Yesterday (Wednesday) and a nurse (not my normal nurse) called today to tell me my HCG was low at 20. " And she hesitated and told me yes, but not to get my hopes up and they needed to retest to see if my numbers double. I took a test guessing I ovulated around day 19 although I was pretty convinced I never ovulated.

At my first prenatal visit they always go by your LMP, which was Oct 31.