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You will then need to go through the steps of setting your camera up again. In order to use this feature you need to have an FTP server for the images to upload to.Whether you have a hosting account, or you are using your home machine this part of the setup would be the same.

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Unfortunately there isn’t much in the documentation about using this camera with Linux. Connect the camera, has built-in ethernet card, to a hub and connect your Linux computer to the same hub. Change the IP address of your computer or add a new IP address - Note: If your computers IP address is 192.168.1.x (where x is between 0 to 255) then you can skip this step. Select (in menu) System-Network (Network Configuration utility).

Change the IP address of your camera Note: You may skip this step if your computer’s original IP address is like 192.168.1.x and you have only one camera. Find your computers IP address (IPADDR), Netmask & Gateway (if available) by opening /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. Run VLC media player and give it the following url with the actual IP address of your camera that you setup previously or the default IP address

The Linksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera WVC54GC is a Linux based wireless webcam with its own streaming web server built in. Choose the existing ethernet card (most likely eth0). Statically set your IP address to be and your subnet mask as

Windows users can view the video stream through their browser without the need to install any extra software other than allowing the supplied Active-X control to run.

To set up restreaming, it is necessary to set up both the streaming server and the inbound stream from the Once you have saved the configuration file, you will need to start both the streaming server, and a copy ffmpeg which actually streams the content into the streaming server.