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Bella's Website: Please watch on Bella's website to watch BOTH Bella's and Rosie's nest: Bella's Facebook page: Then I was fortunate enough to see her lay the first egg.

Bella's You Tube videos: https:// Bl2JA78x2p Us Ah PFYJ3Q Bella's Photo Gallery: Bella's Twitter: Hummingbir Bella’s Story About 2005 I noticed a little hummingbird making a nest in my ficus tree on my front porch. I watched her build the nest (it took about 2 weeks).

I missed the laying of the second egg which was laid a couple of days later. After about 16 days of incubation they started to hatch.

The eggs were about the size of a Jelly Belly jelly bean (slightly bigger than a tic tac mint). I watched her feed these little babies continuously throughout the day. After about 3 weeks the little babies started to test their wings.

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