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has been providing experienced, effective criminal defense representation for people in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia who need to get the best possible outcome for their charges of sex crimes.Sex crimes sometimes come down to interpretations by the person making allegations, the police and the prosecutors.

Threatening sticky notes lead to possible hate crime investigation, Baltimore is on a new list ranking cities for online dating safety, medical marijuana outfit prepares to open a new dispensary and other share-worthy stories made our roundup of top posts from Maryland Patches on Thursday, June 29.

Hate Crime Targets Muslim Family At Silver Spring Apartment A Muslim mother of four has received threatening notes on the door of her apartment building for the past two months. I can hear you..." They also depict derogatory words and satanic symbols.

Should be able to follow and communicate all DOT safety driving rules and policies and maintain an orderly warehouse.

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If you or a family member has been charged with any sex crime, starting a vigorous defense right away may prevent the worst penalties from being assessed. We listen to the details of the charges and then use our experience to aggressively pursue strategies that reduce charges based on violations of your rights, probable cause for the arrest, and reasonable doubt about the facts.