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We know that it is older than Christendom, but whether by a couple of years or a couple of centuries, or even by more than a millenium, we can do no more than guess." [Rasmus Nyerup, (Danish antiquarian), 1802 (in Trigger, 19)].The person who wrote these words lived in the 1800s, many years before archaeologists could accurately date materials from archaeological sites using scientific methods.Choosing the best method for radiocarbon dating depends on the quantity of available sample or, in the case of expensive materials, how much of it you can afford to be destroyed.

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Precision for AMS carbon dating results will be better than radiometric dating (LSC) analysis for samples that are more than 10,000 years old.

Precision of results with Beta Analytic’s AMS dating and Radiometric PLUS service is the same.

Welcome to the K12 section of the Radiocarbon WEBinfo site.

The aim here is to provide clear, understandable information relating to radiocarbon dating for the benefit of K12 students, as well as lay people who are not requiring detailed information about the method of radiocarbon dating itself.

I have tried here to answer some of the frequently asked questions that I receive from students via email, as well as providing some basic information about scientific dating methods.

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