Dating tips for 20 somethings ault dating

At the very least, celebrate with birthday drinks in a bar -- one where those short on finances can order a single glass of house wine and get a separate check without a glare from the bartender or waitress.

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I guess “ladies” aren’t supposed to talk about their age, but I’ll just admit it: I’m in my 20s and I don’t care if you know (seriously, who cares? Anyway, considering I’m in my 20s, I am experienced in the art form that is dating in your 20s.

Although I’ve been in a serious relationship for the last five years (this is where I date myself), I did go through close to four long, hard years of dating as a 20-something.

Millennials may get a bad wrap for posting "selfies" and texting 24/7, but the generation born after 1977 has wisdom to impart on building relationships.

"Technology changed dating," says Millennial Hannah Brencher, writer and founder of More Love Letters.

Here are a few etiquette tips to help you smooth the ride through your 20s (and beyond): Think twice about throwing a birthday party in a pricey restaurant -- or any restaurant.