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Image: Flickr This post originally appeared in a different form in Gay Times magazine, where I have a monthly column All The Men You Should Never Date, plus a page where I help with readers’ dilemmas.

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In a study, volunteers ate crisps of varying freshness while wearing headphones.

As they ate, the sound of the crisp breaking was altered by a computer and then played back to see if it changed their perception of the crisp's freshness.

AFTER leaving the Coast many years ago, Geoff Wiseman recently returned to his old stomping grounds of Burnie's Surf Life Saving Club.

Now living in Los Angeles, Dr Wiseman is a professor at the University of Southern California, where he teaches students international relations, political science and public diplomacy.

But the trouble with a know-it-all is that sometimes they… You will come to dread the phrase “I think you’ll find…” and saying something you have the remotest doubt about becomes a nightmare. The solution: Either live in a permanent war zone of “No, you’re wrong!