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The surname first appears in its original form in the late 11th Century in medieval Irish Records (see below), while the modern surname appears regularly in Church Registers of the Isle of Man. Examples of the surname found in Isle of Man Church Registers include: the marriage of John Crellin and Katharine Tyldesley on January 1st 1632, at Marown; the marriage of Daming Jo Crellin and Katharine Tybdisley in October 1662, at Malew; and the christening of Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Crellin, on May 29th 1669, at Braddan.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Godfrey Mac Mic Ragnaill, King of Dublin which was dated 1075, in "Manx Names", by A. Moore, during the reign of Irish High Kings in Opposition, 1022 - 1166.

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The latest publication, 'The Archaeology of Essex: Proceedings of the Chelmsford Conference' is now available to the public.

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