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A precise smaller rhexis, thorough cortical clean-up and capsular rhexis polishing in addition to careful controlled implantation make utilization of this lens more challenging but offer the potential for greater postoperative rewards with higher percentages of spectacle independence, Dr.

Ossma-Gomez has broad familiarity with this lens and gives his tips and pearls for maximizing outcomes.

The medical monitor for the "Ophthalmologists and patients want improved accommodating lenses that can reduce spectacle dependence without the inherent drawbacks of multifocality.

Many surgeons and patients currently forego choosing a multifocal IOL because of unwanted images at night,the slight reduction in contrast sensitivity, and a limited range of intermediate vision," Dr. "The hope with an accommodating lens is to be able to accomplish the upside of some reading ability without any optical drawbacks in comparison to a monofocal lens." Dr.

With the aim of restoring near vision, different devices that produce multiple focuses have been developed and introduced.