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The study included more than 5,600 12- to 18-year-olds who had been in one or more relationships with someone of the opposite sex back in 1996.

In addition, not all states allow minors to get a restraining order on their own without an adult's help. statelaw_name=Restraining Orders] pages for your state on this site to find out more. id=10434&state_code=PG&open_id=10489&lang=en#content-10507In many states, you can apply for a restraining order even if you are under 18 but you may need an adult (usually a parent or legal guardian) to file the order on your behalf.

Other states allow minors to file on their own without involving a parent or another adult.

However, there were restrictions in some of those states.

(The Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health policy research group, also referred us to the law center on this question.) In rating Michelle Obama’s statement, our colleagues pointed out that just because it's legal in some states for insurance companies to cite domestic violence as a pre-existing condition, it doesn't mean insurance companies are actually taking advantage of the loophole.

She stated: "If you’re a victim of domestic violence, even that’s seen as a pre-existing condition.