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It is a treatment given to resolve the symptoms when medical management or minimally invasive therapies, such as balloon angioplasty and stenting, have not worked or are not suitable for you.

An aortoiliac bypass may be needed if you have severe blockages in your aorta or iliac arteries in your pelvis that cause severe discomfort in your legs when you walk.

The blockages may be so severe that the your feet hurt even when lying down (rest pain), or wounds develop on your legs because of lack of blood flow.

AN AORTOFEMORAL BYPASS is the placement of a graft connecting your aorta and one of both femoral arteries in your pelvis to bypass a diseased vessel and increase blood flow to your legs.

RAGHUVEER VALLABHANENI A surgical bypass reroutes blood flow around a diseased artery to increase blood flow to your legs.