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You need to create Command objects for the Update Command of each of the Data Adapters. Ole Db Command("Update My Table Set [Field 1][email protected] Where [Field 2]= @Field2 and [Field 3] [email protected]", DBCon) update Command.

In case you are using an older version of the controls you can check the following feedback item.

The issue was resolved in the R3 2016 SP1 version of the suite. Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to write back.

The SSW rules are a great resource for developers all around the world.

However it’s hard to keep rules current and correct.

Resync ad Affect Current to quickly reload a single row (the current record) from the current database values into my client recordset so the user can start with latest data, in case another user changed something after this client loaded the recordset and disconnected. I have so far used a data Adapter to fill a data Table; set a Binding Source to this data Table, set my textboxes and data Grid View source to the Binding Source, then closed the connection, and disposed of the data Adapter. MS help indicates the two parameter form "Adds or refreshes rows in the Data Table to match those in the data source using the Data Table name and the specified IData Reader.