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and how a certain armor set seemed to exist in the game’s code, discoverable only through questionable means.

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It may not be the most ethical (or legal) method, but it’s the only one available until the new amiibo are released, and sell out immediately, this June.

The judges meet to decide the winner of The Irish Times Best Place to Go Wild in Ireland competition, due to be announced Saturday, June 7th.

Shielbaggan OEC at Hook Head in Wexford show how it's done, for our Best Place to go Wild in Ireland series.

Video: Bryan O'Brien & Darragh Bambrick The Irish Times is on the hunt for The Best Place to Go Wild in Ireland, and Eoin O' Hagan nominated Lough Derg for the multiple natural resources the lake offers visitors.

It has attracted the support of local residents and businesses including Marks and Spencer, St Modwen, Sainsburys, Boots and Wardell Armstrong.