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Cat gets right down to business introducing our first four bachelors: Rapper, Actor, and Dancing with the Stars alum Romeo Olympian and model Jeremy Bloom Soap star Jason Cook Jersey Shore star Pauly DRound One: The guys have thirty seconds to hear each girl's schpeal and decide if they want to know more by turning around. She chooses Jeremy and he has his first three girls. She is a Southern Princess Jasmine who demands Romeo turn around. Donna is Romanian and will her man how amazing she is in Romanian. She has the same name as his mom and wants someone that reminds him of his mom. Angelise is a comedian with a body like Jessica Rabbit. Some of the highlights include one girl pretending to milk a cow, snoring revelations, math problems and basic first date questions about family, favorite colors etc. Lisa took her man to Jamaica, while Angelise flew from LA to Boston so she can have dinner with him - only six hours with him total! Jeremy asks his girls the most adventurous thing they have ever done. It was harmless fun as long as you didn't take it seriously. I don't watch Jersey Shore but ommmmg hate that guy.

First up is Rachel, a perky blonde in a flower dress. They are both impressed with her relationship with her grandma. She is a brunette in a tight outfit who makes the audience go crazy. They all try to impress her, but she decides for Pauly. She is another brunette with beauty, grace, and is a model. Amber is a fashion assistant, pageant girl and grew up on a farm. Vanessa is a volleyball player and coach who is Italian and Mexican as well as other nationalities. Round Three: One girl from each team gets eliminated. Biggest douche ever and HOW IS THAT HAIR ATTRACTIVE HOLY SHIT JUST PAPER BAG YOURSELF @ the one guy picking his psycho fangirl.

A lawyer for Heather Salines, 39, told The Huffington Post that his client was going to admit to the initial charges last Friday.

Police reports describe the teen from the first case as Salines' daughter's "off-and-on" boyfriend, according to the Boston Herald.

"We are splitting due to the cliché irreconcilable differences, but we're splitting amicably," Barash said, stressing their number one priority is their 2-year-old daughter, Harper.