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I have *pointing to several local development sites behind a firewall. But I have my own reason to don't care about domain zone: they will register more domain zones tommorow and I will have to add all of them in all my projects manually?

To check if URL is REALLY exists I will use c URL or sockets. I just propose it to the OP and I don't mind if he will not mark my answer as accepted.

However if your Trusted Application Pool name is different to the Match URI you should follow the steps below but supplement the Match URI for the Trusted Application Pool name. Lync and Skype for Business have a concept of configuring static routes, this is not to be confused with the networking equivalent, but more a way or routing SIP queries (for a specific domain) to either a PBX, CSTN Gateway or a 3rd party conferencing solution.

In this article I’m going to cover off the use case whereby a 3rd party conferencing solution has been deployed and the ability to dial “Virtual Meeting Rooms” is required.

It just should exist @Nemoden: What's wrong with the URL stackoverflow.invalid?