Heechul dating

I was going to post a picture I took with Yura and Momo but I guess if I posted the pictures they would publish an article saying ‘Cupid Kim Heechul, is it Yura or Momo this time? 관련없는 분들께 피해 입혀드려 너무나 죄송합니다 저의 관한기사로 심려끼쳐드렸다면 죄송합니다. 제가 미우시다면 어떤것 때문인지 반성하고 반성하겠습니다 더이상 고작 제 휴식 때문에 관련없는 분들을 저랑 엮여 괴롭게 하지말아주세요.. 그렇지만 다른 이들의 열애설이 터지면 공교롭게도 남자쪽이건 여자쪽이건 저와 친분이 있는 사람이었고, 저는 '마담뚜' 가 되어있더군요. The saddest thing is ‘Why am I always involved in dating scandals that are not mine…’ If this was my dating scandal I would just go ‘Please bless our love blah blah…’ or ‘I should have told you guys before I’m sorry blah blah…’ I’ll just take it as another source of adlib for the show. 사실이 아닌것으로 손가락질하신다고 하더라도 보내주시는 관심이라 생각하고 감사하며 고개 숙일 준비가되어있습니다.But a male Korean idol hanging out with a female celebrity?

On the same episode, Hello Venus’ Nara told the emcees that Hee Chul was one of the male celebrities that her CEO said was safe to get close to.

It’s no wonder that he is close to various company CEOs and admitted that some of them even asked him to date their artists!

I had to tell the listeners that a pizza would be provided as a gift, but I accidentally said a ‘bow’ because I had seen a bow in my dream.

just to highlight the most important points, Heechul says fans are like parents!

there's 3 group of parents: 1- parents who gave birth 2- the agency 3- the fans - based on what Heechul is saying!

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    So is he salty that Fif may be getting with his ex-girl? He also said he's fine with her going out with anybody she wants to. "We go out, have dinner, lunch, little stuff like that. Nothing wrong with breakfast." He also urged us to "stay tuned" to see how that relationship develops. His fans want to know what the deal is with him and Rihanna. "That's my homegirl," O answered a little bit more seriously. We go out." So would it be fair to say they have a romantic relationship? MTV News wants your photos, videos and reports from all the latest concerts for our new You R Here community.