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For instance, Triple Heater meridian encompasses the Gracilis muscle – which works with the Sartorius and hamstrings to help bend the knee; the Soleus which flexes the foot and lower leg; and the Gastrocnemius, which works with the soleus.

Understanding Triple Warmer and learning how to work with it will go a long ways in making the difference from feeling empowered or a victim of your body’s own defense system! Triple Warmer heats the body in three different ways. When the body is in balance, heat is distributed evenly. When you become angry, blood and heat rise to your face, neck, and chest and you become red and flushed, prepared for a faster.

That’s why your face turns white when you are terrified.

Triple Warmer is an incredibly intelligent energy system, the mastermind of your immune system.” says Donna Eden, energy medicine pioneer.

“When there is a real threat it is superb at keeping you alive and healthy.” But in today’s society, threat can mean anything from a traffic jam to the pressure of getting that project done before deadline.

Triple Warmer doesn’t know the difference between the stress you feel in these situations and the stress our ancestors felt from worrying a sabor-toothed tiger was around the corner! When Triple Warmer feels the stress levels rise in that traffic jam it sounds the alarm!