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‘slow jam’ President by having his director of broadcast media as her guest. /Suzanne Malveaux/status/196530449714118656 And the most important day ever?

/Suzanne Malveaux/status/196445545236152320 She upped her chances of being noticed by Mr.

/Suzanne Malveaux/status/196531930597044225 How do people without birthdays that fall on the same day as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner carry on?

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UPDATE: Suzanne Malveaux’s walk of shame home continues. /Suzanne Malveaux/status/196631092252516353 Sheesh, Suzanne.

/Suzanne Malveaux/status/196634659461931009 Stop rubbing it in to those of us who aren’t lucky enough to share a birthday with the swoon-filled nerd prom! /Suzanne Malveaux/status/196635400209580032 And we called it.

This land lay in a floodplain and was underwater during the majority of the year.

Nevertheless, the brothers went back to Lansing, New York, to sell plots for the town that did not exist.

The population of its Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was 464,036, while the even larger Combined Statistical Area (CSA) population, which includes Shiawassee County, was 534,684.