Updating symantec emergency disks

I recently wrote an in-depth guide on how users can manually update the NRD with drivers and updated definitions. I'm also getting an: 'imagex.exe' is not recognised (See snapshot1). There is no need for floppy emulation or anything like that, the USB key just needs to be seen by the BIOS as an external USB hard drive, and you need to be able to instruct the BIOS to boot from this drive.

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If your computer is infected and you are not able to start your Windows operating system, you can use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool to remove threats and recover your computer.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is available on the product CD that you purchased. If you have purchased this product as a download, go to the following URL to download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Wizard: Norton Bootable Recovery Tool automatically downloads the latest virus definitions from Symantec servers and uses these virus definitions to secure your computer from all types of viruses and latest security threats.

This problem only appears to occur on Windows XP machines." The affected products included Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 and its small-business and cloud-based variants, all of which are centrally managed products for corporate IT departments, and the consumer products Norton 360, versions 4 through 6, and Norton 2010, 20.

All those products use SONAR, Symantec's behavioral-based malware detection software.

If you have specific hardware configuration related USB key boot problems, or specific steps in the guide you are having trouble with, please post the details in the community forum, and myself, or a community member with a system similar to yours can provide assistance.