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Even if he gives you a bit of grief, knowing your child is safe under your roof is worth the effort of maintaining this important house rule. Believe it or not, children and teens crave structure; it makes them feel that someone cares about them.

Business Interruption Insurance has a simple job: it can provide coverage for lost income when a covered property event forces your business to a halt. In other words, this policy can give your business the financial flexibility it needs to recover after an unexpected disaster, allowing you to pay employee salaries, loans, and taxes even without new revenue flowing in.

Read more about what Business Interruption coverage can and can't do in "New England Snow and Business Interruption." But the questions remains: can Business Interruption help out when the government implements a citywide curfew?

Article Name: Curfew FAQ Source: National Youth Rights Association Author: National Youth Rights Association Staff Date Published: N/A Guiding Question: Why are curfews ineffective?

Grade level: 9.0 Article Name: 8 Reasons Why I Support a Statewide Curfew for Teens Source: Orlando Sentinel Author: Duane Schwingel Date Published: December 31, 1993 Guiding Question: What benefits can a statewide curfew bring to the community?

(CNN) -- Philadelphia's mayor has extended the city's early juvenile curfew through Labor Day weekend, his office announced Tuesday.