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Brittany Jean Carlson is BC Jean's full name and she's an American singer-songwriter and actress, just like her boyfriend ... BC Jean is best known for writing Beyonce's hit song "If I Were a Boy" and music runs in her family.

In fact, her grandparents were also music artists and were signed to RCA Records for over 30 years.

He thinks she is gorgeous and talented and really sweet.

We wanted to tell the story that way with this dance — and contemporary dance was the perfect style for that." And it paid off!

An eyewitness spotted Jean wearing her engagement ring when the pair posed for pictures backstage at L.

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    We caught up with the actor to dig deeper into his thoughts on Black women and reality shows (especially Ne Ne Leakes), and find out whether his interracial marriage may affect how people perceived his comments.

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    Preface v Acknowledgments ix Chapter 1 Retirement and the Single Woman 1 Chapter 2 Deciding What to Do with 168 Hours a Week 21 Chapter 3 Working in Retirement: An Oxymoron?

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    This is a city where the wealthy come to have fun and party.