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Nemesis 2.3 SVN 092 New Kernel, New Driver, New Secondstage, New DVB-T Modules, ecc...

Attention for all users It's strongly recommended saving your config before updating on-line This update may be fail!!!!

updating dreambox via blue panel-2

for arabic * Quick-Button-Menu: Many extra features for the yellow button (e.g permanent clock in OSD, freeze Image, audio selection) * alarm-clock with volume offset playing own WAV-Files * Calander for i Calander format reminder ( Supported by MAC, KDE, Thunderbird, Goole calander, Rainlendar...).

Standard folder is /var/etc(ical * Support for Dream DVD no matter wether a DVD-Drive is available or not * New screenshot routines (have a look at the Webif) * Search EPG of all channels for an Event or a String and set timers directly (press MENU in EPG window or go to BP - Extras) * EPG-Infos of all recorded movies can be showed without starting the record. Can be managed completly over the OSD * disable the TV - output while taking a recording, streaming a movie and manually (usefull for boxes with very low lan-speed) * update system time via transponder or internet ( Protocol RFC868 ) New: * e Mail-Checker extended with SSL support (Overview of your POP3 or IMAP accounts) * centralized services and deamons in one Menu * Editor to configure Cron-Deamon * OGG-Vorbis is no more included. typ=INT&...itedvb/int-test Interfaces Web IF: Info Cam? ZAHL (ZAHL = number of cam) Cam Cam We'd like to thank everybody who paricipated in the "Gemini suggestion" thread.

Now start the plugin Dumbo to choose the image that will be installed at your removable media.

After about 5 minutes of decompression, installing and rebooting the Dreambox will be available for your new experiments.

Problems occur only when you attach additional devices.