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The other chat room user, a 17-year-old from Bavaria with the username Bernd, laughed off the threat, which was made at 2.45 on Wednesday morning, less than seven hours before Kretschmer murdered 15 people.

As more details of the killer's disturbed personality and possible motives emerged, police revealed that he had been treated for depression last year but had failed to turn up for recent psychotherapy sessions, raising questions over whether warning signs were missed.

Almost all of his victims were girls, and friends have confirmed that Kretschmer was a misogynist with a particular grudge against one of his former female teachers, who had told him he would "end up on the rubbish heap".

He had also become infatuated with a local girl who had snubbed his advances.

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Kretschmer killed nine students and three teachers at the Albertville secondary school after stealing a 9mm Beretta automatic pistol legally owned by his father.

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