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Luis writes that “the more interracial couples feel comfortable out in the world, the better chances we have of building a world defined by our common humanity rather than our race:” When I mentioned this article to my wife, she asked if I was going to comment on it. Now, I certainly haven’t done any scientific study or compared reactions in different neighborhoods, and one couple is a very small sample size, but I have to say that when we visit New York it’s a totally different vibe.I lived in Ohio for several years with an ex (who is black and Arab), and we lived here for about 2 years, we never had any negative experiences in DC like we did in ohio.

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particularly in restaurants, in Ohio, we’d often get stares and sometimes comments from entire tables but here no one seemed to give a crap. a couple of years ago I was at a restaurant in NJ where my girl friend and I actually had trouble getting a table – they actually tried to refuse us.

Both of us being stubborn we stayed and they eventually served us.

I would never expect anything like that to happen in DC. “You’d get more information on race in DC than any NPR article” by doing so, she concludes.

Commenter Frenchie posted a suggestion that we run an experiment with black-white couples holding hands in different D. On her blog, Frenchie has written on about street harassment she’s experienced when walking around D.

As you might expect, the experiences of these children are as different as the individual kids themselves.