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His directorial debut, Lost River, was released to poor reviews in 2014.

Greater success came to Gosling when he starred in two critically acclaimed films–the financial comedy-drama The Big Short (2015) and the musical La La Land (2016).

Normally, I would suggest that a sixteen year age difference is gross, but I can't really blame Sandra for wanting the hot beef injection from Mr. Plus, she spotted Ryan's hotness before he was even that famous. They called it quits in 2003, citing long distance as the issue. And then they'll go on a nice little double date with Rachel Mc Adams and Michael Sheen and do a couples swap, so that Ryan can get back to where he belongs!

Basically, Gosling plays a creepy killer and Bullock's an investigator that gets caught in his web of murder. When they dated Ryan was 21 and Sandra Bullock was 37. Maybe now that Ryan's had more time to sow his wild oats, they'll get back together and Gosling will be the proud step-papa to baby Louis.

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