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He headed straight up the marble stairs to his room and took a shower. I wasn’t hurt from that because I knew he just wanted to go and rest. I sat on the bed checking my messages on my phone as I waited. I scrolled through the messages until I found one that caught my attention. But during work today I came across a very interesting article.

“Oppa lets go home now.” I said pulling him up from the couch. When we arrived, Ji Yong pulled his keys out and after fumbling with them for a few seconds managed to get the door open. It saddens me that you never told me who you are dating.

Sandara and their agency then responded that the rumors were not true.

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BIGBANG's G-Dragon and former 2NE1 singer, Sandara Park is rumored to be dating after being seen in an after concert.

Dara said the same in an appearance on the Korean TV program “Talking Street.” “We were playing a joke.

People from the company teased me saying that G-Dragon had me in a headlock,” she explained, according to the Korea Herald.

Yet amid those ships, their agency and Sandara herself spoke up regarding the issues on released images and photographs.