Cost of updating electrical

To get a great deal you usually have to buy houses that need some type of repairs, because there are less buyers who will buy those homes.When a house needs a lot of repairs, most buyers may not be able to get a loan on that house.

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Unless you are a contractor yourself, or you are getting an unbelievable deal, stay away from these properties.

Customers often call us at Hawkins Electric because they’re having issues with circuit breakers in their home or they have just discovered their electrical panel is outdated.

Almost all the houses I buy need work and some need a lot of work.

I would love to buy houses that are in great condition, but I want to buy houses that are a great deal.

Once he realized that he would need to pay a plumber thousands of dollars to replace the piping, he went back to the client asking for a change order. In some pre-war apartments the floor planks are so old that when your contractor begins to sand them, he may discover that they are too thin and need to be replaced. If you have an older apartment, you may need to replace the wiring and electrical panel when you make renovations if the existing wiring does not meet modern building code requirements.