Gambar datin porn - Where to touch a girl dating boob tips

Before you go on an all-out Google frenzy, take a second to read this.

We consulted with the best experts in the biz to create a step-by-step guide to pleasuring her boobs in the bedroom.

What I’m hearing from a lot of [women] is that men immediately go down south, because that’s where they get the most results,” says sexologist Stephen de Wit.

Both your lady—and her ladies—will be satisfied with these nine simple steps.

"There’s not one specific tip that’s going to be good for every woman” says sex expert Lora Somoza.

Unless you want to spend all your savings on prostitutes, learning how to touch a girl is absolutely essential if you want to sleep with beautiful women.

A gentle touch is always the first step towards a passionate night.

Bonus points if it's the kind attached to a squirt bottle, so you can also treat her melons to a gentle misting. Offer her a chest massage—and then whip out a cheapo electric toothbrush and gently twirl it around the undersides of her twins, working your way slowly up to her nipples.