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I believe that his choice of words really highlights where guys go wrong in all of this and gives clues on how to never end up in the friend zone. This guy is putting all of the decision making power in her hands: ‘she did this’, ‘it’s her choice’.The part of his wording in question: “Girls, once they friend-zone you never think of you in a sexual or even a relationship material kinda way, and that bugs me cause 90% of the girls miss out on the great guys just cause they don’t wanna date their friends… He takes zero responsibility for the unfortunate situation he finds himself in and instead blames it all on her and plays the victim card./ Inferiority Complex in Dating and Relationships (1) (2) (3) (4) I hope people are reading this one now--- this is another great testimony about online dating and relationship for those of u who think online dating is not real . we're all happy to see this year 2012 and i believe that our heart desire must surely come to pass . honestly , i have been encouraging people on this section about relationship ever since i joined this forum . i hope some were touched my by romantic advices and others .

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Online lovey dovey words won't cut it in the face of reality. But to be fair, i personally have reasons to think that online dating has a little bit more of risk to it than offline. We refuse to ask pertinent questions but allow ourselves to be swayed and swooned by mere words!