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Another article titled, “Nobody Cares That You Date White Girls” ended up getting way over 400 comments, much more than average piece.

We need to stop pretending that people don’t care, because comment sections on blogs are all blowing up with discussing this supposedly irrelevant issue.

Only 64% of male freshmen from the same background did.

A similar pattern held true for children of Latino-white unions, with 40% of females defining themselves as multi-racial, but only 32% of guys, and for children of Asian-white unions, with 56% of females, and only 50% of males. Davenport speculates in her study that in general it may be easier for biracial women to cross between societies, because they are stereotyped as “a mysterious, intriguing racial ‘other,’’ while biracial men may be more likely to be perceived simply as ‘people of color.’ Davenport’s argument: “the different ways that biracial people are viewed by others influences how they see themselves.”Money also plays a role in how children of interracial couples identify themselves.

Bush, at a crucial moment in his primary campaign, paid a highly publicized visit to Bob Jones University, in South Carolina.