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However, drivers are polite, silent, and neat and the cars are in descent condition. If you order a taxi by phone, it should arrive in 10-15 minutes.

The cheapest option is to wave a hand in the street. Taxi from the airport to the city center costs from 10 to 15 USD depending on the car model, time of departure and sometimes even the mood of the driver.

Mobile companies have rather lost the focus on a smartphone also being a telephone,” says Jeremy Green, now a tech-industry analyst at Machina Research, in Reading, England—on a cell connection that keeps dropping words.

Laboratory tests by Broadcom confirm that it’s not just my aging ears: Even in the best conditions, including a quiet environment and a strong wireless signal, users consistently rate voice quality lower on a cellphone than on a landline.

You can exchange your money in banks, but we would suggest that you look for exchange points located in the main streets of the city. Kazbegi Street in Saburtalo district is overloaded with such points and rates are always better than in banks. In Tbilisi and other cities, hotels, markets, restaurants and points of sales accept payment in cash or by debit and credit cards.