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Whether you want a free private chat room with text-based chat or free private webcam chat, these options have it all.

Most free private chat rooms providers require a screenname or account, available free by visiting their websites.

These are theories, of course, since I am an actual adult. By the way, it appears that Microsoft has also now crippled the Skype Modern app for Windows 8.1 because it appears to kill voicemail, too.

So bear with me as I wrap my age-addled brain around what's happening here. "Skype Qik is a new video messaging app that gives you a totally effortless way to capture the moment, share laughs, and chat with groups of friends," Microsoft's Dan Chastney and Piero Sierra explain in a new post to the Skype Big Blog. So now I have to stay signed out of Skype on my PC and Windows Phone if I want voicemail to work with my paid Skype In number.

Apps like Fam also find ways to take advantage of this virtual hangspace by allowing users to play rounds of trivia quizzes or games involving shared doodles.