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That’s simple wishful thinking, and his overwhelming desire to a woman. After three or four dates, that’s just plain creepy. After all, you can’t get away with using a fake name forever, really. Rose wants to marry her someday, he might have to tell her his current ‘real’ name. He’s also thinking he’s qualified to tell her to ‘not be so rigid,’ because she prefers to date someone who isn’t an embarrassment in public.In other words, he’s already being an abusive prick. He is rigid in his expectations, his entitlement, his fashion sense, and his attitude. Amy, if you do find this blog, please read this: excerpt: And anything else you can find online about sociopaths and narcissists. One cannot help but to feel that this poor woman, if she does indeed exist, is relieved to have escaped, but is unaware that the stalking may now have begun, and that the smearing already has.

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Not to mention the projection in his barb concerning rigidity. He never thinks he should have to change/improve one aspect of his personality or entitled attitude, that others must simply accept him as is. And all because she dated a guy a few times and said she didn’t think it would work out.

But projection is a common tactic used by narcissists when they wish to denigrate someone else.

Like the name tho: Austin Texas Dating -- All Star Dating.

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So, the comment he left was perhaps left four days after he said he had a new woman. But that didn’t mean he was telling the truth about his ‘new woman.’ The fact of the matter is, even if the above diatribe is true, even if he went on four dates with this poor thing, he did not HAVE a new woman. Seriously, using “Keep Austin Weird” as a reason she should have kept going out with him? Now that she has “broken” his heart (he doesn’t have one to break, he’s just angry), will his former vow to seal his lips and guard her privacy now be revoked as well?