Tang wei dating mtv online dating series

They’re ten years apart in age with Tang Wei being 34 years old while Kim Tae Young is 44 years old and this will be a first marriage for her and the second for him.

Tang was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China and raised in Hangzhou, Zhejiang to Wenzhounese parents.

The pair first met while shooting the film Late Autumn in 2009, but only began dating in October 2013 after Tang had returned to South Korea to shoot a commercial.

Tang Wei reportedly tried to comfort her boyfriend and gently stroked his chest. Before separation, Hu Jin gave Tang Wei another hug and even planted a kiss on her ear.

The couple subsequently embraced together and Tang Wei then reluctantly bade farewell to her boyfriend before walking into the airport.

With Tang Wei’s frequent travelling, it is no wonder that the loving couple has little time together and can’t bear to be apart from each another.

SEOUL — Asia's social media has been abuzz with various responses to Chinese superstar Tang Wei's engagement to the older and relatively lesser known South Korean filmmaker Kim Tae-yong.

Chinese actress Tang Wei is engaged to critically acclaimed Korean movie director Kim Tae Young who directed her and Hyun Bin in the art house movie .