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But prior to that, for over a thousand years, everything was done by hand, and the more times an ancient text was copied, the more chance for errors to creep in.

How reliable are the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts we have today?

Whenever something is copied by hand, frailties of human eyesight enter in, particularly if that document is old and some ink has faded. It would take a scribe several months to copy just one Gospel.

In some secular Greek manuscripts, scribes left a note at the end that indicates the patient labor involved: "As the traveler rejoices to see the home country, so the scribe rejoices to see the end of a manuscript!

I recently heard—true story, I swear—of a woman in her 60s who was widowed unexpectedly and two years later married a Canadian mountie. " You immediately lump yourself in with a designated sorry category that, I'm going to argue right here, doesn't truly exist. In all those social science studies of singles versus marrieds, everyone knows that the singles group is considered the unfortunates. To find answers, you have to truly embrace this stage you're in now.