American girl dating a frenchman

So then we started chatting and we shared a crepe for dessert.

Our conversation was amazing as the language barrier immediately fell.

Considering I had just complimented his family, I thought they would be tears of joy. " he asked in his thick French accent through a mix of sadness, anger, and betrayal. Heavy-set and intellectual, he had a house in the French Alps and a black Porsche; things some women might be wooed by, sure, but even if he weren't married to Henri's sister, I didn't want to leave Henri for him.

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Blogs, books and magazine articles never seem to tire of coming-of-age love stories featuring young, Anglo-saxon women and dapper French men – no matter how trite and embellished they may be.

Few, however, share the experiences of Anglo men and their adventures in dating.

Young writer and pal Cody Delistraty offers his own tale.

It was three years ago that I went on my first date with a French girl.

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