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From the supplement: Aether seeps into Kaladesh, and has become a critical part of the environment as well as the foundation of contemporary civilization.

For a franchise that makes its money selling books, Dungeons & Dragons has a habit of putting up an awful lot of free content on its website.

Just last week it dropped something special; a 33- page, fully produced supplement for the venerable role-playing game. It’s a crossover guide that ports your game of D&D into the latest setting of the wildly successful collectible card game is written by James Wyatt, who was an integral part of the Wizards of the Coast D&D team dating back to 2000.

Attached to his face was some crazy homemade googles and a leather face mask. But then we went riding, and we stopped at a gas station, and at every light I looked at him, and the more I took in his homemade awesomeness, the more I thought it was, well, awesome.

Maybe not something I’d wear while riding Delilah, but awesome nonetheless.

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