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After her rumored ex-boyfriend and You Tube collaborator, Jake Paul kicked her out of their house after accusing her of cheating on him, Alissa cut ties with a lot of the people who were in that circle, including Tessa.

RELATED: Jake Paul Was Caught Kissing Teala Dunn on Camera Tessa continued hanging out and being friends with Jake, and now Alissa has made it clear that their friendship has not been repaired after she edited ex-friend out of a photo they had taken together.

After a long and winding journey and time, Evan and Alisa, in the end, couldn't deny the feeling deep down inside that they were actually in love. Alisa was in fact the daughter of Henri, Evan's father, through an affair. Or will they get back together with their previous lovers ??

They began dating and were preparing to tie the knot. The wedding had to be called off, Both were devastated.

As Business Insider's resident 23-year-old, I was obliged to poke around and try out some of the most popular dating apps.