Dating an america american muslim man

There may be and will be great American men who are everything opposite of what I mentioned.

There will always be exceptions, so this is written with a broad general rule and can be taken with a grain of salt.

He may have often been raised in such a pure society where trusting everyone is given no thought and then he lands in America and he realizes that trust level just does not exist even with his Arab buddies. His friends will strongly discourage him marrying you, especially if you have children from a previous marriage.

A pious Muslim man will know that if he marries an American and helps to raise your kids that it is a great blessing.

It’s a greater battle between broader America, of how tolerant and open-minded they will be about minorities, about American values, about recognizing how true they want to be to the American values of openness and freedom for all. “Being a fourth-generation American, I don’t see a juxtaposition between being a Muslim and being American.

This really isn’t that much about 2 percent of Americans. I’ve always been a little different — I’m also Mexican American.

But that’s not always possible, and to horribly rephrase John Wayne, ‘A Muslim’s gotta pray when a Muslim’s gotta pray.’ Once in a super busy airport I walked up to a security officer and asked him point-blank, ‘Uh, sir, can I pray in that corner?