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Tifrere subsequently began penning and ghost wrote songs, for singers such as Monifah and Yvette Michelle, alongside pop group Full Force.

Who is shyne dating

While incarcerated, Shyne dropped his sophomore album, , in 2004, which peaked at No. Now that he’s been deported to Belize indefinitely, Shyne’s name has more historical relevance than ever.

But none the less, the “Bad Boyz” rapper isn’t forget among Bad Boy diehards.

The Bad Boy/Def Jam signee broke down in the courtroom after hearing his fate.

Shyne would go on to serve nearly all of his sentence (he was not eligible for parole until eight years in), getting out of jail in 2009 and being deported to his homeland of Belize.

Pushed to the edge, she's about to make a very, very bad decision. Madison comes along just in time to show her that she's beautiful no matter what the other kids say.