Rob and cheryl burke dating

(Burke was not his dance partner, but did win the show's mirrorball trophy with NFL legend Emmitt Smith that season.In a chat with People during their first go-round, Cheryl stressed that open and ongoing communication was a key to their romance.'Matt is very supportive and he always wants to make sure that we keep in contact,' she said.Not that he to go on a trip with Kym, but he's already planned it or is in the midst of planning it. At the Race to Erase MS Gala, Cheryl was honest and explained that politics came into play.

Related: Abby Lee Miller Says Burke 'Needs To Watch Her Mouth' While news of their coupling might be a surprise to many, the "Cheryl and Matthew are very serious.

They are super happy and have been dating for over six months…

We're shipping you to Hawaii."I showed the photo to them ("That's so funny! Well, it's their chance to perform the Argentine tango—one of the sexiest dances you can do.

" replied Kym), which prompted Robert to declare that he'd like to go to Hawaii. " The conversation quickly turned to whether that meant Kym wasn't going to get a car (that Robert promised her if they won ), but apparently that's still on the table too. And based on what Robert and Kym have prepared for us tonight, let's just say they didn't have to work on the romance factor.

That's because they were too captivated by one another and their insane chemistry to notice anything else around them.