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The kids love their dad but they despise his girlfriend just as much and they actually go out of their way to avoid her.

Sources say that Cheryl would do just about anything to win their affection but is coming to terms with the fact that it seems pretty unlikely to happen.

Kennedy Jr., was found dead today at 52 at her Bedford, N. Robert has allegedly since moved on from his 16-year marriage with actress Cheryl Hines.

Do you think their resentment is connected to Mary’s death?

She had struggled with substance abuse issues and depression for years and supposedly watching Bobby move on from their marriage is what drove her to kill herself.

"The first time we went scuba diving together, he picked up a starfish at the bottom of the ocean, and gave it to me." PHOTOS: Stars who've played president in movies It seems Hines and Kennedy enjoy an active lifestyle together. Apparently when you're out in the wild, your socks can really be helpful. When they're not traveling together, the couple enjoys volunteering and promoting their respective causes.

"I do feel like I'm more of a survivalist now," the actress told Us of dating Bobby Jr., the son of Ethel and Robert F. "It's fun to have a partner," she explained to Us in April.

Representatives from the Kennedy clan included Ethel Kennedy, Mr Kennedy’s mother and RFK’s widow, Caroline Kennedy, President Kennedy’s daughter, and Maria Shriver, another cousin, who is married but separated from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor turned California governor. Mrs Kennedy, 52, had battled with alcohol and is also reported to have had a history of addiction to prescription drugs.