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Over the past few years, retention tricks and snappy CTAs have provided sharp product managers and marketers some much-needed relief.

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For you to achieve the dharma of user retention (stage 4), you must get to know your users, meet and exceed their expectations of value, gather data, and iterate.

, I’m going to be walking you through how to build your launch list, using real-life examples from my Saa S company, Tamboo. I am not going to promise you that if you follow what I spell out here that you’re going to build a launch list of 100,000 emails overnight. You’re also probably going about promoting your launch list entirely wrong. A Quick Update If you’ve been playing along at home, I played a trick on you in Part 1 of The Epic Guide. You haven’t built enough landing pages until you’re sick of building them. Actuallly, “hate” is not a strong enough word.“Loathe”, “despise”, “cringe uncontrollably”, or even “hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns” would be more apropos. Because building a landing page is way faster, cheaper, and smarter than going off and building a full-fledged marketing site or just running off and building my app idea and then finding out (after months of development) that nobody gives two shits about it. What are you promising (explicitly or implicitly) that people will get if they decide to use your service? Or don’t do this at all.(Side note: Ian Landsman just wrote an article on this exact topic you should read: Shady Tactics in our Midst.)That being said, what exactly do you put on your landing page? You’re going to pick one (and only one) feature or aspect of your potential solution, and you’re going to put together a page with the messaging you’ve tested for your solution. Usually, people will be clamoring for some feature that you don’t have. And it means looking at it like you are your intended user.

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The reason you need to build a launch list is not just so you have a customer base to launch to. Right now, we want to test if our messaging is something that the market responds to, and if it can stand on its own. That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be visually engaging. I had some feedback based on conversations with people (get those 20 Heck Yeses! Chances are you’re probably going to have to revise the thing a gazillion times before you dial all the knobs in properly. If you’re on day 2 and you’re still unhappy with it, fuck it. Because the things you’re going to learn by putting it out into the wild are going to help you better understand what changes you’ll need to make.