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LDS Living Staff - When Blake Gillette served as the Primary pianist in his ward, his wife Kaicie served as the Primary chorister.

They served together for several years and started wishing for new music to teach the Primary children.

Or do anything that isn’t keeping the day holy on Sundays.

And how fun all of that is living in this bubble within the bubble. The amazing app that is single-handedly changing dating forever. I will just quote the first few profiles of the first few random Mormon girls’ Tinder accounts (about 70% of them) that pop up.

Kaicie suggested that her husband compose a Primary song since he had written a few songs in high school and on his mission.

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    Same-sex couples began obtaining marriage licenses in some counties of the state within hours of the ruling, while other counties awaited direction from state officials, local county attorney advice, or were awaiting corrected state marriage license forms.

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