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Surely it looks like the 2015 (and 2014, and 2013 and so on), but the 2016 is a much more flat climbing, tree picking, side hilling, go here, go there boondocking son-of-a-gun than the 2015.

In fantastically deep and somewhat sticky snow near Black Canyon, Island Park, Idaho, we spent a hard day with Arctic Cat’s M8000 development crew causing havoc.

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Updating 2016 arctic cat m7 hotgaydating com

Arctic Cat continues its foot-on-the-gas approach to new product development in its first wave* of 2016 ROV and ATV models, with seven all-new machines as well as a power-up for its popular Wildcat Sport models.

This first wave of 2016 model Arctic Cats will be available at dealerships beginning in September, along with an all-new full line of SPEED High Performance Accessories for Arctic Cat co-developed by Robby Gordon.

As with all of our canisters they have been tested to ensure they produce stock hp.

Our trail silencer weighs 6.5 lbs that stays fairly quiet until you really crack the throttle.

We offer both a race can and trail can for the 800 Arctic Cat!