Who is wu chun dating 2016

He confessed it in a video clip posted on his Facebook page, saying amid tears he decided to finally tell the truth “out of love” for his family.

Many netizens even sang praises of Max’s irresistible charm and cuteness.

Wu Chun’s 3-year-old daughter Nei Nei drew a picture as a Father’s Day present for him, and wrote: “I love you! The 35-year-old father first shocked the public in 2013 when he announced that he was already a father to one in his personal biography.

But for others new to TW-ent or have been living under a rock, this will obviously be new and notable – today actor and former idol boy Wu Zun wrote a post on his Weibo admitting that he was married and a father.

Yawn, c’mon dude, that’s such a zzzzzz confession when everyone and their grandmothers and pet roosters knows about it.

Initially when he entered the industry he introduced her to his friends but as he became more famous, she became less willing to be in the limelight and asked that he keep their relationship a secret. Me thinks you are letting your wifey take the fall on this one.