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Every parent would like to raise their children in a sexually safe and healthy manner.

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For years they've encouraged their patrons to come in and gorge themselves at will, subtly implying that anyone who pays for food is an idiot.

There've been rumors that this restaurant's been able to keep the buffet going by stealing food from competing restaurants, but most patrons don't care — and as the restaurant drives out its competition, or buys them out, eventually the objections die down.

Pornhub Premium, just announced yesterday by the adult streaming site, is just as unlikely a business model.

For years, its parent company Mind Geek (formerly known as Manwin) has encouraged consumers to think of adult entertainment as a freely available commodity, something to be enjoyed at will on their network of "tube sites" (including, but not limited to Porn Hub, Red Tube, XTube, and You Porn).

And when we think of smut as simply another layer of entertainment rather than a shameful vice to satiate in secret, we balk at paying a premium, even for "the good stuff."While average-quality porn DVDs list for $20 to $25 and you can take a chance on the $10 bin at the local mom-and-pop, several of the DVDs at Good Vibrations (NSFW) – which selects higher end products – sell for $40 or more. If you're going to spend the price of a sushi dinner on one video, you want that video to be something special.2. revenue, but Americans are as free to spend our porn money internationally as we are to keep it at home.