Who is chris brown dating september 2016

They love painting and listening to music together," the source said adding that the Asian model has already met with little Royalty."She loves Ro Ro.""But the most serious gift he's given her is the key to his house! "That's huge for him because he wants her to know that he's serious about her.

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Yesterday, Chris Brown posted this photo of himself wearing his hair in a mini bun.

“This how most of yall ladies be looking after the club! His post was an obvious dig at black women who take their hair extensions out when they sweat out their weave at the club.

The Anti album hitmaker and the Royalty singer have had years of an on-off relationship.

They first broke up after the 27-year-old singer was involved in incidents of domestic violence against Rihanna in 2009.

The lyrics of the Alicia Key song are about a woman falling in and out of love, which is sort of Rihanna and Chris' story.