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Used Range) If rng Is Nothing Then Msg Box "nothing in Intersected range to be checked/removed" Go To done End If For ix = rng.

Worksheet Function | Screen Updating | Display Alerts | Calculation The mother of all objects is Excel itself. The application object gives access to a lot of Excel related options. As a result, Excel VBA closes your Excel file, without asking you to save the changes you made. If your workbook contains many complex formulas, you can speed up your macro by setting calculation to manual. For example, place a command button on your worksheet and add the following code line: When you click the command button on the worksheet, Excel VBA sets calculation to manual. You can verify this by clicking on File, Options, Formulas. Now when you change the value of cell A1, the value of cell B1 is not recalculated.

All these small details matter, that's why I asked for a small workbook sample.

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Thankyou, I'll try to figure out how to use that code. It doesn't run when I use your code and all I copy is a blank sheet.

What code do I need to insert to ensure the macro runs on startup?

When done I have one worksheet with all the data from all workbooks. I use the data with macros I have written to produce several reports.

TJE, I can't help you with the code if I don't know what range you want copy, which sheet to copy from, what range to copy to, what sheet to copy to.

So unless you clear the old values, when you re-run the code it will only append to what is already there.