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Emancipated minor: A child who reaches the age of 18; is determined by court order to be emancipated (released from parental care and responsibility); is married; or on active duty in the armed forces (MCLA 722.4).

General rule: The law generally does not treat the provision of any confidential health care to minors as a crime, except for abortions in some states.

Conduct under this Policy is prohibited regardless of the sex, sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression of the Claimant or Respondent. Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, whether verbal, non-verbal, graphic, physical, or otherwise, when the conditions outlined in Section VII(A)(2)(a) and/or (b) below are present. Gender-Based Harassment Gender-based harassment includes harassment based on actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, which may include acts of aggression, intimidation, or hostility, whether verbal or non-verbal, graphic, physical, or otherwise, even if the acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature, when the conditions outlined in (a) or (b) below, are present.

Prohibited Conduct includes the following specifically defined forms of behavior: sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, retaliation, and violation of interim measures. (a) Submissions to or rejection of such conduct is made, either explicitly or implicitly, a term or condition of a person’s employment, academic standing, or participation in any University programs and/or activities, or is used as the basis for University decisions affecting the individual (often referred to as “quid pro quo” harassment); or (b) Such conduct creates a hostile environment.

Minors also have to comply with the 24-hour waiting period prior to obtaining an abortion (MCLA 333.17015).